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Have you noticed how there are some people that move through life with ease? They turn challenges into opportunities and great ideas seem to come to them from nowhere. Things simply fall into place. Do you find yourself thinking “what do they have that I don’t?” The good news is: You have this too, it is already inside you.

Do you sometimes wonder what the purpose of life is, do you think that there must be something more than the day-to-day tasks you are focussing on? Do you wish life was more meaningful and colourful? More good news: Your soul is already there.

The trick is to start being aware of the voice of your soul. This is something that everyone can do, you can start moving towards this state of awareness today. To get started, you do not have to meditate for an hour every day. You can slot awareness into your everyday life. 

Why is living “in the now” so rewarding? Because it moves the focus from effort to ease, from knowing to wondering, from work to flow. It allows you to connect to the higher consciousness, where wisdom comes from a higher, wiser source than your own left brain thinking. Learn to live life “NOW” and not “in 5 years when I have achieved this and this and this…”

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